To become a well-rounded human being, sometimes it’s imperative that you take a break from staring at a screen 18 hours a day and do something with your hands. I know it sounds crazy to touch things that aren’t attached to a keyboard, or even breathe air for more than 5 minutes at a time that hasn’t been recycling with your flatulence, but occasionally one should seize the opportunity. Get to that studio/wherever you’ve always been meaning to go to, and do some personal non-work work.

And how might one find a space in Vancouver, you may ask? Well, after my art collective finished with our studio sublet a few weeks ago, I simply failed to leave. In fact, instead of clearing our junk out, I brought more shit over. #occupy-one-block-from-wall-street-2014

Next, I half-planned some vaguely-Enzo Mari-inspired ugly furniture and brought it to life using all the skills I learned in grade 8 shop class. I even got a sliver, which got infected, and made me feel super legit. 

Hot tips:

  • You can fit up to 6’ lengths of lumber in a Car2Go
  • Ruining your good clothes = more fancy studio clothes
  • Don’t wear gloves when painting; having “studio hands” makes you look 30% more interesting

Now at home I’m breathing recycled air laced with a delightful hint of polyurethane, I have an actual bed that I wish I’d made at least 6” lower, and I need to finish a desk before the studio-owner returns from his residency and demands keys back.

Wearing, etc shirt: SuperTacks, thrifted in highschool; pants: Cheap Monday; socks: H&M; cordless drill: Ryobi, bought from my neighbour; respirator; studio’s; health indiscretion and lightheadedness prior to using respirator: blogger’s own; pretty much everything else: studio’s; lumber, screws and location of the realisation that you’re the only woman shopping on Family Day who isn’t pregnant: Home Depot; shout out to international superfan Eric F: glad you read this far!

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